Dear Investor,


ARIE Capital began investing in technology companies in 2016, following on from two early technology investments that its parent company, Taurus Asset Finance, made in 2013.


Since then, our company has made fifteen technology-based investments. We are proud of our vibrant and diverse portfolio that continues to increase exponentially in valuation, with two exits already made.


Following these principles, we have now assembled a dedicated team to focus on the development of EIS opportunities and to cultivate exciting new technologies.


We are partnering with companies and founders that are well known to ARIE Capital and have already shown considerable growth and development. We look to nurture these companies so that they will be ready for further funding in the future (from ourselves or other investors), which will be to the benefit of all concerned.


With our globally-minded structure and experienced team, ARIE Capital offers you the opportunity to invest in companies that might not come your way via the traditional routes. In this way, we present to you a fund that is full of unique investment opportunities that are both exciting and with significant upside potential.


Please do contact me if you have any questions about the companies, the management of the fund, or anything else related to these investment opportunities.


We look forward to welcoming you to the ARIE Capital family.





Stephen Margolis

Chairman and Founding Partner, ARIE Capital

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