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ARIE Capital Portfolio Performance

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ARIE Capital EIS Companies Performance

All valuations supported by third party valuers and UHY Advisors Inc.

Since its formation, ARIE Capital has invested in 15 companies based all over the world and across a variety of sectors. So far, 4 of these have benefitted from EIS investment. Both our general portfolio and the EIS-based investments have displayed an impressive rate of growth, establishing ARIE Capital's strong track record in this area.

Across its portfolio, ARIE Capital maintains a constant focus on companies that are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. These include:

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SatixFy is a leading provider of satellite and quasi-satellite communication technology that radically reduces the cost, size, weight and power of user terminals, payloads and gateway equipment whilst simultaneously increasing their performance.

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With a focus on biopharmaceuticals and medical diagnostics and devices, Integra is an investment fund focusing on commercialising Life Sciences IP from the Hebrew University (a leading university in Israel for Life Sciences).

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Eyesight is the most advanced machine vision and deep learning solution on the market, with applications in VR, AR, automotive, smart home, medical devices and more, embedding sensing solutions that enhance user experiences in homes, cars and consumer electronics.

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Peratech is a pressure-sensing solutions company providing next-generation touch technology to some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the mobile, automotive and consumer electronics markets as well as much more.

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Net4 is an innovative connectivity company serving the IoT market. It currently operates two platforms: “Voica” (enabling anonymous voice calling to be added to any app), and “Aukid” (creating dashboards to control and interpret data received by sensors).

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Engage provides a white label app creation platform allowing businesses to connect with their customers. Its technology provides broad functionality with news feeds, payments, chat and much more at a cost-effective price point.

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So far, ARIE Capital has successfully exited from two companies:

Redux creates technology that uses vibrations to turn surfaces of phones or tablets into speakers or provide haptic feedback.

Redux was acquired by Google in 2018 at 1.73 times the valuation of ARIE Capital's initial investment.


floLIVE offers a global IoT ecosystem in the cloud for chipset manufacturers and IoT service providers and platforms.

ARIE Capital exited from floLIVE in 2019 with the company at 2.5 times the valuation of the date of ARIE Capital's initial investment.


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