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A Discussion With Catax

Updated: Jan 31

As part of ARIE Capital's commitment to helping startups achieve their maximum growth potential, we are excited to have partnered with Catax Group as part of our new EIS Technology Fund.

We were delighted to talk to Catax's ​RDEC & SME Director Richard Armstrong, who chatted with ARIE Capital's Investment Manager Ricky Margolis to explain how Catax works with startups to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the hunt for funding and other benefits!

Please click here to listen to this lively discussion!

Catax Group is the UK's largest independent growth funding consultancy and specialises in areas including:

✅ Tax Relief

✅ Research & Development (R&D)

✅ Patent Box

✅ Grant Funding

✅ And much more...

Many founders and startups end up leaving money on the table because they simply don't have the bandwith to research all the funding and relief options that are available.

That's where ARIE Capital and Catax Group can help!

For further information about ARIE Capital's EIS Technology Fund, please contact Kirsty Greenwood or Martin Taylor, or visit our website at:

To learn more about Catax Group, please contact Richard Armstrong, or visit their website at:

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