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ARIE Tech Partners With Catax For Its EIS Technology Fund

As part of our fund's offering, ARIE Tech is pleased to partner with Catax, the UK’s largest independent growth funding consultancy who have delivered over £407m in claims to their clients. ​ Catax offers specialist advice in areas including Research and Development, Capital Allowances, Patent Box, and Grants.

Just some of the benefits of working with Catax include:

  • They have over 13 years’ experience

  • They provide an average client benefit of £65,000

  • Their team consists of over 120 industry and technical in-house experts, so clients can rest assured that their entitlement to claim identifies the largest claim possible

  • They break down the claims process, so all clients need to do is provide some simple details and Catax's experts will take care of the rest

  • They are a trusted partner to many of the UK’s leading accountants and solicitors whilst, in addition, they are an exclusive adviser to industry institutions including the Law Society, ICAEW, and IFA

​ To learn more about how ARIE Tech and Catax can add value to your business, please reach out to one of our team. ​ You can read more about Catax on their website:

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