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Vitabeam Webinar with CoInvestor

Updated: Mar 10

Thanks to everyone who attended last week's Vitabeam Ltd webinar, hosted by CoInvestor! Vitabeam forms part of ARIE Capital's latest EIS Technology Fund, and we are excited to be working with the team there!

It was great to hear Vitabeam CEO James Millichap-Merrick speaking about their revolutionary food safety technology, as well as ARIE Capital CEO Stephen Margolis discuss our latest EIS Technology Fund and what attracted us to Vitabeam in the first place.

If you missed the webinar - don't worry! A full recording is available right here as part of ARIE Capital's YouTube channel.

Vitabeam uses its technology to work with fresh food supply chains (including growers, packers, and retailers) to enhance yield while reducing chemical use and food waste. This allows consumers to enjoy fresher, cleaner, safer food that lasts longer - a win-win situation for all parties!

Vitabeam's patented technology can be implemented at every step of the food supply chain from ‘Farm to Fork’ to help keep our world safer and healthier.

Investing in Vitabeam directly has no initial fee and qualifies for 100% EIS relief. The minimum investment is £10,000.

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