ARIE Tech is part of the ARIE Group

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The ARIE Group is a financial services group with a cross-border focus primarily on

venture capital investments and providing advisory and fund management services

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Offices in 6 countries

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Venture Capital

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41 team members

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Digital Banking

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15 portfolio companies

(with 4 exits)

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£500 million assets under management

Our focus on investing in transformative technologies that have global applications comes at the perfect time as the demand for new technologies has accelerated through the pandemic.

We now have £500 million assets under management, with offices in 6 countries around the world and a team of 41 staff.

Most excitingly, this has led to us now receiving new investment opportunities from around the world on the back of our growing reputation as a global investor in technology.

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The ARIE Group’s business units are:


  • ARIE Ventures – Venture Capital Investment, its core activity, with a unique structure between the UK, Israel, and China

  • ARIE Finance — Digital Banking, unique focus on cross-border business clients with an offer including international payments, corporate banking and investment banking


ARIE Tech EIS forms part of the Group’s UK Ventures operations with a focus on the UK technology start-up ecosystem.

Meet the ARIE Tech team by clicking here:

Learn more about the ARIE Group's  investment portfolio by clicking here.

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